Sell Your Movie On iTunes

If you want to sell your movie on iTunes, quit waiting for some sort of middle-man sales agent to give you permission. Seriously, most producers still base their ROI on traditional distribution deals and I think that is really OLD SCHOOL thinking.

If you are a producer trying to raise money – why wouldn’t you plan a worst case scenario?  What if VOD is the only distribution deal you get? Then I ask you – how many VOD downloads will it take to recoup the initial investment? How do you plan to do this? And if you happen to be a feature producer, with a few titles collecting dust – here is how you sell your movie on iTunes:

  1. Visit my friends at and enter your movie information. (They pay me to promote them. But I would promote them, even if they didn’t pay me.)
  2. Grab a copy of the Indie Guide to Distribution.
  3. Then follow each step of the guide.

If you need me to help you market and sell your movie, contact me. Depending on the scope and scale of your movie, I’m sure we can work out a deal.



  1. Gino Carnell says

    I will like to sale my Movie Grimey that I wrote and Directed,its a good Urban Film Drama and I am raising funding for my next Film so I would like to sale my film for a fair price and this Movie will make Millions,Please email and you can call me Direct at 702 589 1650


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