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So you want to produce an independent movie? Great. I think this is the best time in history to finally make your indie movie.

Why? Let me provide you with 3 uplifting reasons to help you make your movie now:

1. First, the cost of production has gone down dramatically for micro-to-low budget movies. These days, technology provides ways to get more bang for your buck. You can make your movie look super expensive, add some kick-butt FX and also get an awesome, high resolution image.

Assuming you’re super crafty, stuff that once cost millions can be done for under 10K.

2. Secondly, once you complete principal photography, you can complete your entire post product with the power of a laptop. To give you newbies some perspective – nearly a decade ago, you would originate your content on film, not HD. After that, you would then pay to have the film processed, color corrected, transferred to video, edited and then transferred back to film. You would also handle your sound design in much the same way. (And to really give you perspective, I had to physically “cut” my film on something called a flatbed editor.) UGH.

Anyway – today you can walk to your local Mac store and get a laptop and software that does this for you.

3. And finally, once you have a polished, finished movie, getting your work to the world is much easier. With some good internet marketing and the use of social networking tools, you no longer need a middle-man to get a return on investment. And while digital self distribution is still rough, we are only a few years away from VOD becoming the norm.

Anyway, I hope you are totally jazzed about making your movie. Sometimes self doubt and procrastination can really get in the way of good ideas. If you can help it, don’t let it. Please keep pushing forward. Believe me, there are many people out there making movies and making money making movies that are far less talented than you.

Just believe in your ability to make your movie now. Trust me, when you get to the other side you’ll wonder why you waited so long!


  1. Niranjan Gajendragadkar says

    Dear Jason,
    1.Which is the best camera you can suggest to make a short movie?

    2.Are the movies which are made in Hollywood use digital cameras or analog cameras i.e. are the movies still made on celluloid?

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