Movie Distribution: 7 Ways To Sell Your Movie Without The Middle Man

If you’re a filmmaker with a movie… Before you accept some crappy distribution deal from a traditional movie distribution company – you might benefit from the following audio recording. In it, I provide seven steps you can utilize to sell your movie without the middle-man.

As I have written before,  I believe the days of DVD distribution are numbered. And I think it is prudent for filmmakers to quit relying on outside 3rd parties to distribute independent movies. While modern distribution may seem easy for some moviemakers, these changes represent a total paradigm shift for others.

For those of you eager to embrace this new movie distribution world, I have provided the same seven steps I use to promote my own movie business.

Download Here (Right click and save)

After listening to the audio, please feel free to tell your friends. And if you would like more information, check out The Independent Producer’s Guide To Digital Distribution Happy Filmmaking!


  1. Bruce Singman says

    Seeking worldwide theatrical and television exhibition and home entertainment and Internet digital distribution

  2. Bruce Singman says

    “Competing Mexican drug cartels are destroying each other … and that’s where ‘Warrior’ begins …”

    … with Mexican drug lord, Carlos Eldoran (Ron Joseph, “Scarface”, “Navy Seals”, “Barfly”, “Born in East L.A.”) bribing the government’s new anti-drug czar, General Figueroa (Hector Mercado, “Delta Force 2”), to conspire with him to use the military to establish a drug traffic monopoly by building a secure operation deep in the remote jungles of Costa Azul. 

    Unknowingly … the General is about to invade the peaceful enclave of the Native American Esselen Indian Tribe who are hiding deep in the Mexican jungle … and meet an opposing force he could never imagine … the spiritual son of a divine force with magical powers … Dreadmon (Vincent Klyn, “Cyborg”, “Point Break”) 

    Dreadmon, who is on a quest to find the secrets of his true identity, must use his magical powers only for good or lose his powers and feed the strength of the evil witch Mootin … the spiritual daughter of the divine force. 

    As General Figueroa’s soldiers clear the jungle to build their drug distribution center, Dreadmon witnesses the execution of the Chief of the Tribe, his adoptive father, and, contrary to the “way” he has been taught, reacts in uncharacteristic anger and unleashes a lethal charge of electricity and fire … driving off the soldiers … but drawing to him the evil Mootin … who is re-ignited with the desire to seek him out and destroy him.

    Dreadmon leaves the jungle behind for the City of Puerto Vallarta to seek help from the local “policia”. When Dreadmon is arrested, after using his supernatural powers in a bar fight, the cartel’s hit man (Matt Gallini, “End of Days,” “Crimson Tide”, “Rudy”) bails him out and takes him to meet Eldoran, who cons Dreadmon into using his powers to destroy competing drug cartels. The story unfolds as Dreadmon gains the strength he needs to defeat the treacherous Eldoran drug cartel and face the dreaded Mootin in spectacular climactic combat.

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