Increase the production value of your film

Image by Charlie Evatt via Flickr

Adding production value to your movie is a good strategy to separate your film from the competition. But what does the term production value really mean?

In short, it means making your movie look more expensive than it actually is.

FIVE common ways filmmakers increase production value include:

1. Shoot on a clean format. I’m assuming you won’t be shooting on Imax or 35mm. So if the choice is DV or HD, go for HD!

2. Shoot in a city. If it fits your story, getting a couple shots of a city in the background can make your movie look great.

3. Get the camera moving on a dolly or steady cam.

4. Incorporate overhead shots to make it look like you have a crane.

5. Many filmmakers find ways to utilize expensive cars, semi-name actors and immaculate locations.

But regardless of what tactics you utilize to raise the production value, just remember that telling THE STORY should be your primary focus.  Each fancy camera move, the colors you choose, the format, locations and your choice in actors should all be motivated by the story, and not your deep rooted need to use a neat-o tool just because you have it.

Happy filmmaking!