The VOD Market | Sell Your Movie PT 3

Given the changes in distribution, as a filmmaker, getting your movie seen and selling is no longer solely the responsibly of a 3rd party distributor. Once you have sharpened your hook and targeted your target audience, your next step is to set up shop in some of the many popular internet based marketplaces.

The Video On Demand Market

Your next step is to determine the appropriate video on demand marketplace for your movie. There are many options for this, including setting up your own internet storefront, joining other filmmakers on a platform or setting up shop in popular Video On Demand marketplaces. Since most VOD outlets do not require an exclusive deal, I recommend getting your movie selling in multiple markets, including iTunes and Amazon.

To do this, you have two options. You can approach each platform individually or you can work through a traditional distributor or a video aggregor. There are pros and cons to each movie distribution approach.

With a traditional distributor, you would only want to sign over your movie if the deal makes more sense than distributing your movie yourself. What makes a good deal? This is really up to you. But the metrics to look for are transparent marketing spends, the distributor’s ability to get you preferred placement in the platforms – and of course, a great track record.

If you go it alone, you will need to perform a lot of the heavy lifting yourself. You may have to pay upfront for encoding fees, Errors and Omissions Insurance and Closed Captioning to name a few.  Later, when your title goes live, you will need to monitor your sales across all platforms.

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  1. says

    Hi Mario –

    Netflix is in the business to make money. They do this by choosing great movies – movies they can leverage to attract new subscribers and retain current subscribers. The idea that you do not want to make money on your movie would not be appealing to Netflix or the distributors who have a direct deal with Netflix.

    As most people are in the business of making money, my suggestion is to reevaluate your objectives.

  2. Mario Neves says

    Hello Jason,

    I am a young filmmaker working as a freelancer at the moment Directing and Producing movies and Documentaries.
    I do have simple question for you or even can be a bit complicated as well, hope so not.

    I am now involved on a documentary film that is on the post production in the final steps almost ready to be created on DVD format. I would like my movie to be showed on the Netflix and i would like to know how its possible for me to do it if you can tell me.

    I wanna deal with Netflix for that possibility and i do not want any profit of it or even money, i just would like to present and show my movie all over the world for free once is my first big project, so as a first project is what i really want.

    Can you please advise me.

    Best regards

    Mario Neves

  3. Michael Nowell says

    Thanks for the article. My partner and I have been exploring many options for our debut film Rock Bottom Creek. We’ve started developing a loyal cult like following in Florida after a successful theaterical and DVD release but we are looking to expand our reach and hit a larger audience.

  4. says


    Thanks for the comment. I’m an independent filmmaker trying to get some work distributed. I’ll look into Hulu.

    Are you a filmmaker as well?


  5. says

    It has been my experience that Netflix does not always offer the best deals. Of course, if your movie has some traction (and demand is high) then you may be able to negotiate.

    My preferences at this time are Hulu, Amazon and iTunes.

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