How To Make Money In Filmmaking

Hollywood Sign

Will Hollywood buy YOUR movie? Image via Wikipedia

Making money as a filmmaker is not easy. I can think of a gazillion other businesses that work much more smoothly than trying to produce projects, source an audience and make some money. Yet despite these odds, serious filmmakers push on.

Assuming you are serious – And assuming you want to make money making movies – here is my advice for today.

  1. Do not make a movie unless you know your niche audience.
  2. Do not make a movie unless you know how to reach your audience.
  3. Do not make a movie unless you have enough money to market your movie.

I know many of you still hold onto the myth that “if I make my movie, Hollywood will buy it for a gazillion dollars.” If that happens for YOU, awesome! Maybe you can help me produce my next movie.

But for the vast majority of filmmakers, the golden ticket does not arrive. And when this happens, you can choose to give up, or work hard as heck to sell your movie yourself. That’s right.

Like any other business, as a business owner YOU will actually have to market and sell your movie, yourself. Welcome to business 101.

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