Gorilla Software Versus Movie Magic

gorilla softwareScheduling and Budgeting Software

There is plenty of filmmaking software to help you break down,schedule and budget your movie. The industry standard software is produced by Entertainment Partners, and it’s called Movie Magic. With Movie Magic, you are able to breakdown your screenplay, and schedule your move. Then later, you are able to take the elements from your schedule and turn them into a budget.

The only downside to Movie Magic is the cost. To get both the scheduling and budgeting programs, you will have to shell out over to six-hundred dollars. This is obviously cost prohibitive to many filmmakers.

But no worries. Back in 2003, I was one of the original beta testers for a scheduling and budgeting program from Jungle Software called Gorilla. If you’re creating a low budget indie feature, this software will usually do the trick.

In addition to computer based software programs, there are quite a few web based scheduling and budgeting solutions available. But from experience, I realize that most producers are hesitant to utilize anything based in the cloud, citing that it’s very difficult to get your movie schedule in the places without internet.