Film Festival Workshop

Do you know of any film festivals seeking someone to put on a film festival workshop? If so, please send them a link to this page.

Over the next year, I am hitting the road. I’m going from city to city to spread the word about modern movie distribution tactics and how YOU can benefit. I am doing this because the independent movie market is saturated with competition. And as a result, finding a traditional distribution deal for your movie (that actually pays money) is increasingly challenging.

After failing to garner a traditional distribution deal for my first feature film, I had to figure out how to market and sell my movie through modern internet marketing strategies. The good news is, five years later our movie is still selling!

As a result of this experience, I have developed an easy to follow, step-by-step modern movie distribution presentation. In it, I show independent filmmakers how to maximize movie profits without the middle-man!

If you are interested in seeing me live, forward this article to every film festival director you know. And if you can’t wait to see me, watch the video below:

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“Exceptionally sharp, focused and insightful, Jason Brubaker knows how to squeeze profits out of a film release. When I have to deal with marketing – whether it’s getting a film released or setting up a panel discussion – Jason is on my team. He knows how to do the job and he knows how to explain the process.”

-Norman Berns; Emmy-Award Winning Producer

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“Jason delivered a terrific presentation at The Business of Entertainment IV networking event. His topic was “How to Sell Your Movie Without a Middleman” and featured insights and tips on how students and independent producers can leverage Internet distribution for a profit. Jason was informative and entertaining; and he received excellent reviews from the participants. We will definitely engage Jason again and look forward to more of the same professional and personable observations and advice!”

– Von Johnson

Thank YOU for helping me spread the modern moviemaking movement.