Three Ways How To Become A Filmmaker

If you are wondering how to become a filmmaker, you’re not alone. Living in Hollywood, I am surrounded by people constantly trying to figure out “how to become a filmmaker.”

The problem is, many would-be filmmakers do not realize there is more than one way to become a filmmaker.

How To Become A Filmmaker

3 Ways How To Become A Filmmaker

Here are 3 ways how to become a filmmaker.

1. Employee Filmmaker (indie producer works at a production company): An employee filmmaker is someone who gets a job at a production company. The employee filmmaker shows up each day, on time. The employee filmmaker usually “starts at the bottom” and then works their way up. Many spend years working on on other people’s projects (OPP) and one day, if they are really lucky, they get permission to helm a movie.

2. Freelance Filmmaker (indie producers hired on a per-project basis): As a freelancer, you get hired on a per-project basis. Then when the production wraps, you go back to your network, seeking your next job. Eventually, you find ways to move up and take on other jobs. Like an employee filmmaker, as a freelancer, you spend years working on other people’s projects (OPP). If you’re really lucky, you get your shot.

3. Entrepreneurial Filmmaker (indie producer creates his or her own projects and hires other people): In this scenario, your goal is to find a good screenplay, raise money and make your movie now! You don’t wait for anybody to give you permission. But unlike an employee or freelance filmmaker, if your project doesn’t get made, you don’t get paid!

To succeed, you will need cold calling courage and the ability to face rejection every day. Additionally, you will have to face ridicule. In finding out how to become a filmmaker, many people stuck in the employee and freelance ruts will hate you, say mean things about you – Ironically, these same people will call you for a job.

But the upside is great. Unlike the other paths, you can grab a camera and start putting together a production this year! While those other folks are still carrying cables, you’ll be making movies.

Filmmaker Action Pack

If you are a long term reader of filmmaking stuff, then chances are good that you radiate towards entrepreneurial filmmaking. Good for you. Half of Hollywood doesn’t get it yet. But as a modern moviemaker, if you’re still trying to figure out how to become a filmmaker, stop searching.

And if you are still waiting for someone to give you permission to make your movie, STOP IT.

Just grab a camera and capture something. . . Anything. . . Today!

In other words, you no longer have to ask permission to make your movie. And thanks to non-discriminatory distribution, you can now reach a global audience through VOD distribution. If you are ready to make a movie, check out these professional filmmaking tools.


  1. David says

    After lending my filming equipment to young filmmakers over the years. I’m now able to call on them for help with my film. It’s a great feeling to help out others who have a passion for film making. Now I’m on my way in making something beyond my wildest dreams.

  2. Janette says

    Hi,How do I know my script wont be copied and changed long after it was tossed out by the script readers?
    I know its very good,I have told a few people about it,some family some very critical pessimistic people,and with both very good response.
    I had a dream about my comedy from begining to the end,in very precise detail,with all the actors,how it was filmed,the location.All I can say one day it has to materialise.

  3. says

    I would fall into the entrepeneur form of filmmaker. I got tired of seeing my screenplays get optioned and then never make it to production that I finally decided to try and just make one myself. Failed at my first Kickstarter, but succeeded at the second one. It’s just for a short, but it’ll be something I wrote, produced and directed.

  4. Luis Nery says

    Thanks for the words. I always though like this. THAT is the spirit for a good filmmaker: grab yout camera, ideas and guts to maker it happen!


  5. Oliver says

    The whole point is to do something *if* film making is what people want to do. There are no rules to be a film maker, but almost every film maker had to spend a lot of time doing it, at the same time risking financially for a recognition that may never come.

  6. Strata1 says

    Sorry, but entrepreneurial film making isn’t just ‘grabbing a camera and capturing something.’ This makes you a hobbyist, not an entreprenueur

  7. Lee Vervoort says

    I’m a dumb hillbilly from Kentucky. I worked on films sets and learned what I could. Now I have made 2 movies so far. The end.

  8. Rob Williamson says

    I became a filmmaker when I was 15 by buying a used Bolex Super 8, a shit load of bulk film, I’d roll, shoot and edit. I showed them at rock concerts as part of the light show. Next camera I want is the Bolex D16.


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