Who Wants To Go Mad For Free?


Screenwriter Jurgen Wolff has kindly given me 10 free passes—each valued at $23—to his next online MAD–Massive Action Day, on Sunday, April 15, and one of them can be yours.

The idea is that you set a goal for the day and declare it on the MAD website and check in every hour to report your progress and watch a five minute live broadcast in which Jurgen gives tips and answers questions. Here’s the slightly crazy part: he does this for 15 consecutive hours so people in all time zones can take part. From all the reports I’ve heard it really powers up your productivity.

Below you can read Jurgen’s article on the missing link in a lot of short films and, at the end, a bit more about how you could use the MAD–or you can go here to read all about it: http://massiveactionday.com/new-annual-mad-sign-up-page/

I’ll award the passes to the first ten people to comment below!

I will then pass the winners’ names along to Jurgen and he’ll send you the sign-in details.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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