The Shocking Truth About Modern Moviemaking

The other day I got into a debate with a friend about modern moviemaking. We were arguing over the difference between a “professional” movie and  an “amateur” movie. He contended that a professional movie needed a certain budget, cast and crew. And of course, I argued the opposite.

While the whole conversation was stupid, it reminded me that some people still think you need to ask permission to make money making movies.

When it comes to modern moviemaking, the only thing that matters is your end product. In this case, your product is a feature film. And if you are only able to shoot your film with a limited budget and limited locations, with scenes that are under-lit and contain no-name actors, that is okay – as long as you finish your film and find an audience that buys it.

modern moviemaking

The Shocking Truth About Modern Moviemaking

This mindset very much defines the entire modern moviemaking movement.

  1. You are efficient at using the resources you have right now to create your film.
  2. You don’t spend a ton of money, so you can recoup your initial investment faster.
  3. When you take a finished a product to market (a film over 70 minutes), you are a professional.

Modern Moviemaking Is All About Taking Your Finished Product To Market 

While many executives in Hollywood want you to believe that you need A-list celebrities, an expensive camera, and a budget in the hundreds of millions to make a real movie, this is a bunch of BS. The shocking truth about modern moviemaking is that if your movie makes money, no matter what the circumstance, then it is a real movie and you rock.

The Industry Is Changing

The options for traditional distribution are becoming increasingly sparse. DVD is dead and theatrical distribution is not a viable outlet for independent filmmakers. However digital distribution and cheap production technology now provides solid opportunities to get you film made, seen and selling.

There is no excuse to not start creating a film structured around your current cash, equipment, and location limitations.

There is no longer any difference between the dollars spent on “real” Hollywood movies and the dollars spent on your movie. And this is the essence of modern moviemaking.

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