Top 10 Most Influential Filmmaking Sites 2012

Making a movie is one of the greatest accomplishments in the world. As a filmmaker, taking your movie idea from script to screen is beyond challenging. In an effort to realize your cinematic vision, you may spend months and years and pushing past obstacles to make it happen. And during the process you will learn more about yourself, your craft and the business than you ever imagined.

To assist you in getting closer to your filmmaking goals, we have compiled the official list of the top filmmaking sites for 2012. The list is limited to TEN filmmaking websites. These sites were selected by their usefulness to the independent moviemaking community.

Over the years I have gotten to know many of these filmmakers personally and I believe the information these sites provide will help you realize your filmmaking success.

Filmmaking Stuff’s Top 10 Most Influential Filmmaking Sites 2012

No Film School – I have to hand it to Koo and the folks at No Film School. I have been following this site myself for a number of years and I find the no-fluff information on cameras, production equipment and filmmaking news to be timely and useful. With a team of writers and guest writers, NFS generates content daily.

Screenwriting Success – Some years ago I met veteran screenwriter Jurgen Wolff at a weekend event. In addition to writing over 100 episodes for television and several movies, Jurgen has stayed on top of industry trends and incorporates screenwriting tips geared towards indie productions. Make sure you sign up for his screenwriting newsletter.

Desktop Documentaries – Faith Fuller has been in the filmmaking, video production, news and communications industry for over twenty years and has participated in over one-thousand productions including news stories, documentaries, PSA’s and educational videos. She shares her experience for filmmakers looking for guidance, perspective and insight on documentary filmmaking.

ReelGrok – Norman C. Berns is a producer, director, teacher and film facilitator, the go-to guy when films need the wherewithal and knowhow to get going, to get better or to get back on track. Norman’s site, ReelGrok is where you find the filmmaking tools, the reels and the crews for every production job.

Film Finance Law – Gordon Firemark practices entertainment law in Los Angeles where he helps entertainment industry professionals avoid legal pitfalls. Gordon’s website features some thought providing articles on how filmmakers should protect themselves legally as well as a PodCast worth adding to your Mp3 player.

Film Directing Tips – Peter D. Marshall is a filmmaker from Vancouver, Canada. He has worked (and survived) in the Film and Television Industry for over 35 years – as a film director, television producer, and a first assistant director and TV Series creative consultant. Peter’s filmmaking site provides an abundance of resources for aspiring indie film professionals.

Sheri Candler Marketing – Through her blog, Sheri Candler provides independent filmmakers with strategies on how to build identities for themselves and their films through the use of online tools such as social networking, podcasts, blogs, organizational outreach, online media publications and online radio.

TOTBO –  Jon Reiss has produced and directed three feature films. Based on his experience with hybrid distribution strategies, he is well known for his book Think Outside the Box Office. Check out his site for information related to modern Film Distribution and marketing.

Hope For Film – Producer Ted Hope has created one of the most robust forums for sharing up to date filmmaking information. If you want to keep your finger on the pulse of anything filmmaking related, such as new technology or a case study on film releasing, then Ted’s blog should be added to your favorites.

The Filmmakers Alliance – Founded by Jacques Thelemaque and Diane Gaidry, the Filmmaker’s Alliance consists of hundreds of members eager to collaborate and assist each other on film projects from script to screen. The site also features an online community where filmmakers can network and share ideas.

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