Tips for Film and Video Freelance Work

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When I started, I had to beg for every film and video job I could find.

My first jobs included fetching coffee and doing non-union grip and gaffer work.

These days I have a good network of friends who can help me find film and video jobs when necessary. Some of you have asked for tips on how to meet friends and get jobs. So I’ll give you a little recap.

5 Tips for breaking into the film business (production):

1. Depending on where you live, contact your state for a film guide. Most of the film guides have contact information for professionals. Send a quick email to professionals already doing your excellent work and ask for advice. Be nice. Avoid spelling mistakes.

2. Get involved in your local film community. These people usually know if someone is producing a project. Find out if you can fetch coffee on the project.

3. When you get your job, show up 1/2 hour early and find your contact. Usually, it’s a Key PA or an AD, depending on the project size.

4. Smile! Smile! Smile! No matter how crazy your day feels, if you carry yourself with enthusiasm, it has a funny way of making everyone around you feel good.

5. If you can’t take a job (and I mention this a lot), make sure you say you are already booked with another gig. Do not give specific details on what you’re doing (like vacation, etc.).

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