The Social Window

Do you remember the old days when you would see a movie in the theater and then wait months for the movie to come out on video? This is an example of a release window. Windows worked for major motion pictures because they put millions behind marketing. And in some cases, having a theatrical release was utilized to drive DVD sales.

And while traditional release windows are still used by the major studios, it is reckless for independent filmmakers to follow the same release paradigm. Think about it. You’ve worked the festivals. You’ve grown a mailing list. People want to see your movie NOW, now later. You simply don’t have the luxury of waiting.

The Social Window

The world has changed. Mass media has been replaced by more social media. And the social window is the time when your fans are most eager to buy, talk about your movie and recommend your movie to their friends. The question is, will you be ready?

The following podcast explains The Social Window in more detail.

If you would like to take advantage of The Social Window, check out the filmmaker resources offered at Chill.

What do you think? Are traditional release windows outdated?

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