How To Become A Successful Filmmaker (Without Going To Film School)

If you’re wondering what it takes to become a successful filmmaker, you’re in luck. It’s getting a lot easier to make, market and sell movies. Whenever I give talks on filmmaking, one of the questions I get from the audience is how to become a successful filmmaker. The answer to this question is simply another question.


How To Become A Successful Filmmaker

While each filmmaker defines success differently, one thing is certain – in order to become a success you must make movies. And in order to make movies, you must take action. So here is the question:

“Given the resources that you have right now, what is the film you can make this year?”

This isn’t a riddle or meant to be goofy. And I promise if you take time to answer this question, you will be forced to think beyond your limiting beliefs.

Many would-be filmmakers waste valuable time trying to make everything perfect, when the true secret to becoming a successful filmmaker involves simply assessing your resources and making the movie you can make now.

For some of you the answer to this question will only allow you to make a two-minute YouTube video. For others, you will quickly realize that between you and your film making friends – you already have what you need to make your movie now.

It is essential that you take a few minutes to really plan out what you want to accomplish. So let me ask this again: “Given the resources that you have right now, what is the film that you can make this year?”

This is your year. Don’t wait. Take action and make your movie now!

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