Thoughts On The Sigma 24-36mm Lens

Most filmmaking tech geeks (including me) get excited about new cameras without giving much thought to lenses. But before the light of our image ever touches the camera sensor, it has to pass through the lens.

So while new camera bodies are released every year (see: Sony A7r II, for example), a good set of lenses can and should last an owner-operator through several iterations of camera bodies.

One company that impresses me is Sigma, who have made some amazing quality lenses at very reasonable prices. The trend that Sigma started with the Art Lens 18-35 mm F/1.8 APS-C (crop sensor) lens continues and expands with the Sigma 24-36 mm f/2 Art Lens.

Sigma 24-36mm Lens

Thoughts On The Sigma 24-36mm Lens

There are several aspects of the Sigma 24-36 mm f/2 Art Lens that set it apart from other similar lenses. It is a full-frame lens, so it will cover sensor such as the Canon 5D Mark III and the Sony A7s.It also has an f/stop measurement of f/2, which allows a full stop of light more then an f/2.8 lens (and f/2.8 lets in a lot of light, no doubt). While you might never use such shallow depth of field, it’s nice to have as an option – and it’s a constant f/2, which means the f/stop (aperture) does not change while you’re zooming.

The Good of the Sigma 24-36 mm f/2 Art Lens:
– Full Frame Coverage
– Constant f/stop
– Super Fast f/stop (f/2)
– Zoom Lens
– Available in various lens mounts (Canon EF, Nikon, Sigma)

The Not So Good of the Sigma 24-36 mm f/2 Art Lens
– It’s a short zoom (only 24-36mm)
– Price is not announced yet

Final Thoughts on the Sigma 24-36 mm f/2 Art Lens:
Sigma made a great lens with the previously released 18-36mm f/1.8 crop sensor lens for a good price and if they can continue the trend with the 24-36 f/2, they should have a great lens for full-frame shooters.

The length of the zoom is not great. It is clearly a very wide lens, and while that is not bad, it also might limit its use for videographers. But it is still looks like a great companion for the 50 mm Art Lens that Sigma currently offers. Both are full frame lenses, and the 50 would give a longer reach on top of the 24-36.

Keep an eye out for sample images. You might consider this as an addition to your lens kit.

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