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If you find yourself with a movie and no idea how to sell it, get back to the basics. Unless you get an awesome distribution deal, then you are responsible for the success of your movie. The good news is, most of your sales will come from the internet. And you can get started today.

Set up your movie website at MovieSiteHost (WPEngine) then create a way to capture targeted traffic and grow your audience list . Once you have the foundation, your next step is to drive targeted traffic to your website.

One simple way to drive traffic to your movie website is through the use of frequent press release submission.

Unlike the old days, releasing your press through the internet means you are no longer limited to traditional journalists. Instead, you can rest assured that your press will be syndicated through RSS feeds. RSS is short for real simple syndication – and many websites aggregate information from RSS feeds and re-post the “news,” complete with backlinks to your movie site.

There are quite a few paid press release submission services out there… But for $5 dollars, you can check out and usually find someone willing to release your press for you.

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