Make your Feature HD not Film

Back when I started, unless your movie originated on 35mm, it wasn’t a real movie. I understand the thinking.

There was a time when film looked way better than any other format. But over the past five years, filmmaking technology has advanced exponentially.

And these days, getting into the feature club with a good-looking (meaning high production value) movie is easier than ever.

While you still need to create a movie worth watching, you can never use the lack-of-money excuse again.

Shoot your first feature in high definition, not DV, and not film.


DV looks like crap, and the film is way too expensive and, in my opinion, too risky for the first feature with a limited budget. Shoot your 3rd feature in the film when someone else is bankrolling your movie.

If you plan on directing the movie, make sure you have a fantastic gaffer and a great Director of Photography. The DP usually chooses the gaffer, so let the DP do the choosing.

Remember, it’s about the team.

Get your hands off the project and let the collaborative team-building process begin. This will alleviate a lot of stress from your production.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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