LinkedIn For Filmmakers

Over the past year, I really started using LinkedIn more and more to promote both myself and my projects.

While LinkedIn has some of the same features as other social networking sites – like your ability to search for friends and contacts, the LinkedIn culture is geared towards business networking, which makes it vastly different than twitter or Facebook.

As a result, the social rules are different.

While it would make sense to post something funny, silly or stupid on Facebook, posting a similar message on LinkedIn may not be appropriate.

Conversely, it would be strange to utilize Facebook in an attempt to get a lunch meetings with prospective Hollywood Heavyweights whom you never met.

But in the world of LinkedIn, as long as you’re not a jerk, it is appropriate to seek out and connect with prospects.

To get started with LinkedIn, reach out to people who know you and know your work. Once you establish this foundation, write out a list of at least 10 to 15 film industry professionals who may be able to help you with your movie business.

Then use LinkedIn search to find your prospects.

Depending on the strength of your network, you may find that one of your contacts already has a relationship with your prospect. Your next step would be to reach out to your friend and ask if he or she would make an introduction. Assuming the introduction is made on your behalf, your prospect will be more receptive to hearing from you directly.

Step-by-step, you can utilize LinkedIn to help you build your filmmaking team.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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