Warning: Lazy People In Hollywood Can Hurt Your Career

No matter where you are in your filmmaking career, hard work pays off. And while you’re probably a super hard worker, you might have also noticed there are many lazy people in Hollywood eager to find someone else to do all the work. Many of these people have a great idea for a film, but they never take the necessary action towards turning their ideas into something solid.

“I’m an idea person. I need someone else to do the work…”

lazy people in Hollywood

What I Mean When I Say Lazy People In Hollywood?

Hollywood executives aren’t going to show up and pay money for a good idea. Instead, they need people that have already taken steps to create their projects in some form. In short, lazy people in Hollywood can bring you down – And if you’re one of them, your career will never truly take off.

Here are some things to help you avoid being one of those lazy people in Hollywood:

  • Finish your projects, whatever they are. Whether it’s a script, a short film, or something else, start what you finish before you begin your next project.
  • Keep learning. A career in Hollywood can involve a lot of different skills, from writing to directing to simple networking. Master your skills daily and learn how to become better at what you do.
  • Get out there and actually make things happen. You aren’t going to magically have executives show up at your door – you have to put forth the effort to connect with them.
  • Finally, stop whining. Too many lazy people in Hollywood just sit around complaining that they could have done a better version of a movie or that their idea is way better than that latest award winner. Complaining about this does nothing – work towards actually proving it!

Avoid associating or building relationships with lazy people in Hollywood. The simple fact is that they can drag you down – you finish everything on your side of a project only to find that they haven’t even started what they were supposed to do, for example. Or they take your hard work and try to pass it off as their own.

Simply put, you need to put forth plenty of hard work if you want to succeed here, but you also need to make sure that you don’t rely on others who are lazy. Keep this in mind and you’ll be better able to find success in this difficult but rewarding field.

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