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Filmmaking Stuff iPhone app for FilmmakingI don’t know about you, but the iPhone is one of those modern tools that you think you can live without – until you get one and start fiddling around with it.

I got mine about six months ago and have spent countless hours downloading apps to make my life better, including the old video games I played in my youth, Fandango for movie listings and of course, Amazon Kindle – Now I can read most of my filmmaking books on my iPhone.

As a filmmaker, there are some very specific apps you can add to your own iPhone. Many claim to make your movie making process run more smoothly. And many claim to replace otherwise (bulky and expensive) film and video equipment with something that will fit in your pocket.

The following websites offer iPhone filmmaking application resources:

  1. FWD LABS,  Apps for Cinema Artists
  2. Self Reliant Film, iPhone WebApps for Filmmakers
  3. Deltree, iPhone 2.0 Apps for Filmmakers
  4. Hand Held Hollywood (updated)
  5. Filmmaker Action Pack (updated)

If you try any of these solutions, feel free to let us know how they worked out.

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ARTICLE BY Jason Brubaker

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