Filmmaking 101: Five Rules To Remember

When it comes to filmmaking 101, the two things you need for success is a strong screenplay and fundamental filmmaking knowledge. One of the best ways to get started involves watching every movie you possibly can. Take note of the camera angles, the lighting and pacing of each film.

When you’re done watching the film, it is helpful to read the screenplay. A quick search on the Internet will help you find screenplays. You should set a goal to watch at least 50 films and then read at least 100 screenplays over the next three months.

filmmaking 101

Filmmaking 101: Five Rules To Remember

1. Nobody will care about your project as much as you.
2. If you think it will take 1 year to get a movie made, plan for 2 years.
3. The script is key. A good script allows other elements to fall into place.
4. If you don’t know what you’re doing, find someone better and delegate!
5. Don’t forget to have fun. If you’re not having fun, you’re not in the game.

As many filmmakers learn from doing, when you’ve completed the preliminary research, I suggest you grab a camera and start making short films for YouTube. This will allow you to practice your craft, gain audience feedback and learn from your mistakes.

You will also want to read every filmmaking book you can. Find out how to write a good screenplay. Research how to find good, inexpensive equipment. Learn how to schedule and budget your movie. And then research ways to finance your movie. From there, study the autobiographies of the filmmakers who have come before you.

Additional Filmmaking Resources:

Assuming you have the motivation and drive and a script you believe in, then you should put blinders on and go for it. After you get your first feature film in the can, you’ll wonder what took you so long!

1. The Filmmaking Stuff Checklist: This provides you and your filmmaking friends with the official filmmaking stuff checklist, as well as useful tactics emailed directly to your inbox.

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3. Shot List Tool Kit: This training provides an online training course for filmmakers who want to breakdown and schedule their movies

4. Filmmaking Stuff HQ: Is a monthly membership devoted to serious filmmakers who want to work with producer Tom Malloy to “level up” their filmmaking careers.

5. HowToSellYourMovie.com: provides tactics on getting your finished feature seen and sold. This site contains resources on how to leverage digital distribution and internet marketing.

In full disclosure, many of these sites pay me to promote. Make sure to conduct due-diligence prior to making purchases here and everywhere on earth.

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