Delegate To Your Filmmaking Team

Trust in filmmaking is essential.

The reason you have a crew is because together the sum of the collaboration is better than what you can do on your own. Additionally, having a good crew will make your job easier. Think about it.

The sound department captures sound. The camera department makes sure the equipment works and captures footage. And craft services will make sure your crew is well fed.

Delegate To Your Filmmaking Team

If you insist on directing your own movie, make sure you at least have a great first assistant director.

This person will be responsible for making sure you complete all shots scheduled for the day.

And like a good Army general, your First AD can be very persuasive.

This will allow you to focus on making the movie.

Just remember, everybody on the crew will be looking for you to lead him or her, but not to tell them how to do their jobs.

Your actions, mood and professionalism will have a ripple effect on the entire production.

If you come in unprepared or angry, the entire crew will follow. And if you are not conscious of this, you could derail your entire production.

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