How To Make A Web Series

All you need to make a web series is probably in your pocket. And today’s guest filmmaker blogger would know. His name is Jerry Kokich and you may know him from the multi-award winning web (and very silly) web series titled, “The Adventures of Superseven.” Jerry stopped by filmmaking stuff to share the same low budget … Read More

Sedona The Movie

Tommy Stovall is an independent filmmaker who has produced two feature films and is gaining notoriety in the indie film scene. His current project Sedona has just entered the marketplace to growing fanfare and buzz. But aside from getting his movie made, what makes Tommy’s story interesting is why he passed on a distribution offer … Read More

Top Filmmaking Apps

As a filmmaker, one of my favorite devices in the entire world is my iPad. Last summer it rarely left my body. I pushed the iPad to its limits, determined never to open my laptop.  Some would say I had a problem and that I needed to attend group therapy. I used my iPad so … Read More

Is Your Filmmaking Book Good?

I originally wrote the Filmmaking Stuff book to help YOU. I wrote this book because a few years back, myself and some other producers decided to dump ALL of our limited resources into a niche audience focused, silly zombie movie. And while the movie was not Oscar caliber, it did have a remarkable hook that … Read More