Film Producing

The Momentum of Production

I’ve equated the process and momentum of movie making to this story. Imagine your movie is this big, round rock. In development, that’s when you’re taking this monstrous slab of rock, and sculpting it down into the big round rock. In Pre-Production, you’re pushing the rock up a hill. In …


Making Profit From Films: The Influence Of Production Value

film production value

All the neat-o tricks you use to increase the production value of your independent movie will be for nothing if you distract your audience and take them out of the movie. This article is geared towards the filmmaker who wants to increase the production value of their movie without crossing the line…

Why Having A Stress Free Film Shoot Is Like A Unicorn

film shoot

At first thought, the idea of a stress free film shoot sounds appealing. I mean, who wouldn’t want to have the perfect production experience. But then again, does this sort of thing even exist? And what would “stress free” even look like? The truth is, filmmaking is inherently stressful. To …


When You Can Know an Investor will Close

Closing investors is an art form. It takes intricate preparation. You have your pitch, your business plan, and all your elements in place. You may give a fantastic presentation, and think it went great, but then you don’t get an investment. “What went wrong?” you wonder. You may have felt …


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