hollywood network

How To Build A Powerful Hollywood Network

If you’re wondering how to network in the movie business, you’re not alone. I have mentioned this many times in my filmmaking courses, and the good news is that if you’re committed to meeting new people and learning new stuff, you can quickly grow your network in the movie business. This may seem easier said … Read More

theatrical distribution

Theatrical Distribution: Five Lessons For Indie Filmmakers

Theatrical distribution is a lofty goal for many filmmakers. You compete with major studios for movie screens. Marketing and promotion are expensive and time-consuming. And if your movie doesn’t make money in the first few days, the theater will drop you. Despite these challenges, I was happy when my movie, “Ask Me to Dance,” was … Read More

The Seven Essential Film Contracts Every Movie Producer Needs

Do you need film contracts for actors and other crew? When prepping for your next movie, you must get written permission for every element you use in your film. At the very least, you will need releases for locations, video footage, cast and crew, and images. If you fail to get the necessary documents, you … Read More

filmmaking goals

How To Set Filmmaking Goals Fast (So You Can Make Your Movie)

If you’ve been working to make movies for any length, you know that the process is enjoyable, exciting, and challenging. You have probably also realized that nothing in filmmaking or life happens until you take action. And you can’t take action until you know your filmmaking goals. Over the past decade, I have experienced headaches, heartache, challenges, and crappy … Read More

Hire A Casting Director

Hire A Casting Director For Your Next Feature Film

Many filmmakers take the DIY approach to casting a film because the prospect of hiring casting directors is intimidating. Many indie producers feel like casting directors are the coveted gatekeepers to Hollywood. But this is a limiting belief. As a producer, when you hire a casting director, they work for you. And working with these … Read More

film directing tips

Film Directing: Six BIG Lessons For Indie Filmmakers

After producing over a dozen films, I decided to add movie directing to my list of experiences. This decision resulted from the timing and unfolding of certain events. I had previously interviewed two directors for the job, but they weren’t a fit. The first director had some ideas that didn’t mesh with the story. The … Read More