5 Takeaways from ATT Shape Event For Independent Filmmakers

Technology transforms and revolutionizes entertainment, which is happening at an accelerating pace in today’s world. This was on full display at ATT Shape.

This annual event explores “the convergence of technology and entertainment and how the future of content creation and distribution will usher in new audience experiences.”

It was held June 2-3 on the Warner Brothers lot in Burbank, California.

We live in exciting times for independent filmmaking. The gatekeepers are disappearing as opportunities grow for filmmakers to reach their audience.

The near future includes 360 domes for shared virtual reality (VR) experiences collaborating with AI to 5G networks and a Smartphone camera that can display 3D directly to the human eye without using glasses or other gear.

ATT Shape

5 Takeaways From ATT Shape For Independent Filmmakers

ONE: Use Your Voice To Get Content Noticed

Sundance Institute’s Creative Distribution Initiative’s Managers, Jess Fuselier and Liz Manashil spoke about artists needing to be entrepreneurs’ by creating tools and ways to engage and grow their audience. Content is abundant out there.

Opportunities for filmmakers to engage directly with their audience are increasingly available, with platforms such as Facebook, Vimeo, and Kickstarter… Making it easier than ever before.

TWO: Use Data To Better Reach Your Goals

It is not easy to get specific data on independent films. Transparency is rare, but things are beginning to change. The Sundance Institute and The Transparency Project, a not-for-profit, are trying to help with “data-driven insights to find more sustainable pathways for independent storytellers.”

New distribution opportunities are popping up as old ones disappear.

Access to information is crucial and can help you reach your goals. And your biggest commodity is to own your audience. Using data can help you optimize your strategies for doing so.

THREE: Technology Is More Interactive

How an audience engages with content is changing rapidly. Whole body and facial motion capture, virtual and augmented reality, and a 5G network are right around the corner. Immersive experiences are heading to the next level by making them more social and eliminating the need to wear any gear.

FOUR: Edge Technologies Is Changing The Entertainment Business

Blockchain is all the talk, but understanding it isn’t easy. With blockchain technology, financial transparency will flow, simplifying the entertainment business.

It will create trust with clarity in how money flows from consumer to artist. There will be no central intermediary – algorithms for payment will be transparent, not allowing finance departments to get “creative.” This is still in its infancy but should be on every filmmaker’s radar.

FIVE: Audiences Need To Be Re-educated On Paying For Content

People are used to getting content for free. Whether it’s from allowing ads to be played to illegally copying it, it’s fair to say individuals look for ways to stream content without paying for it.

As the entertainment business becomes more transparent and direct, content creators need to help shift our audience’s perception of paying for content by showing the money flowing directly to the artist rather than some ambiguous “man” or “big business.”

The entertainment industry is being revolutionized as technology offers new and exciting possibilities. Enjoy the ride!

Armed with knowledge from production jobs, Christina Parisi began making films in 2006. Her short films have played worldwide in film festivals and can be found on Amazon and GaiaTV. Her latest short documentary, Just Married, is about to hit the 2017 festival circuit. As Christina seeks financing for her co-written feature script, “Driving Your Mind,” she spends her time working as a script analyst and writing her blog, “Life As I Know It.”

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