YouTube Rentals?

Since originally writing this article, YouTube Rentals has become part of Google Play.

But if you’re one of the many independent feature filmmakers trying to navigate the ever changing world of digital self distribution (so you can still make a living by making independent movies). . .

I have an AWESOME solution for you.

And No. I’m not talking about iTunes and their indie movie selection mechanisms. Nor am I talking about Hulu’s wonderful platform.

But RATHER, I am referring to an even bigger player. One that can’t be ignored.

YES! I’m talking about Google. Specifically, I’m referring to YouTube and their partner program.

With YouTube, filmmakers are able to upload movies and expand reach. And this amazing VOD outlet will provide short filmmakers with an awesomely cool way to generate revenue.

Here are 5 reasons why you should check out YouTube:

  1. Familiarity – Most people are already conditioned to watch YouTube videos.
  2. Community – Your fan base can subscribe to your profile, get updates, make comments and tell you how much they love you or hate you.
  3. Trust – People trust YouTube.
  4. Marketplace – Like iTunes and Amazon, you already have a gazillion people on the website. Just being at the party increases your odds for revenue.
  5. Communication – When you make a short film, how cool will it be to email your list and say “check my movie out. It’s on YouTube.”

So if you’re interested in making your content available for rent on YouTube, you can find more info by following this link to their partner program.


  1. James says

    Hi Jason love the blog just found it and am working my way through your posts.
    Also a big thumbs up for the manifesto I have just been clipping notes from all over the internet
    trying to create a plan and then I downloaded your pdf from
    thanks it was all the info i was looking for in a great format – saved me a good few hours.

    One question: I can’t seem to find info anywhere, do you know what the revenue split at youtube rentals is I have the advertising / monetization prices but cant find how they are going to compete on revenue share with other VOD services?

  2. Chad Gottfried says

    Once again, another great idea (service) that isn’t available in Canada (or anywhere else outside the US).

  3. Chad Gottfried says

    Once again, another great idea (service) that isn’t available in Canada (or anywhere else outside the US).

  4. visitacion leticia s. de alban says

    jason i am learning much from you. You are a kind businessman film producer. God bless!


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