The Importance of Deadlines In Filmmaking

As a filmmaker, setting self-imposed deadlines on your filmmaking and life goals can help you get a lot done quickly. And blowing a deadline can make you feel like crap.

You’ve been there… It is one of these things when everything is moving along well with your project. And then life happens.

For the last six months, I have been writing like mad to finish my next filmmaking book. The book will provide you with some new filmmaking information.

I wanted to have a completed eBook by September 1st and then a physical copy by October 1st, but due to some unplanned speaking gigs a last minute article for MovieMaker Magazine and a surprise movie project – I had to alter my schedule.

This makes me feel like crap. While each reason is valid. It does not change the fact that I blew a deadline (even if it is self-imposed.)

What I learned from this experience is this: Your projects will always take longer to complete than you imagine. Make sure you give yourself enough time.

What are some strategies you use to meet your own deadlines?