The Future of Filmmaking

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Picture a world where everything is video on demand. Can you imagine the glut of content? Can you imagine what that means for traditional television and movie studios? Can you imagine what that may do to the prices people are willing to pay for advertisement?

Can you imagine what this means for you?

Here is what I think it means. You need to start building your audience list today. Why? Because regardless of innovation, one thing will remain constant in your filmmaking life – The person with access to appropriately targeted eyeballs, WINS.

As a filmmaker you can view this future with fear or  fantastic optimism. I am here to guide you.


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    Certainly VOD is becoming more popular and accessible. Cable subscribers have been dropping as people are able to get their content online. While new technology is opening a whole new market of VOD entertainment, I don’t see it being the sole source. Certainly people will still enjoy going out to see movies (and other forms of entertainment). But positioning yourself to be seen in the current, and more importantly, future entertainment market is extremely important.

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