Final Sundance Recap

If you were one of the readers of Filmmaking Stuff who got to meet me at Sundance, you know that the Sundance Film Festival was a blast. Snow. Cold. Wet feet – And a gazillion filmmakers all trudging through the elements to just be part of the action. And my action these days is Movie Distribution and crowdfunding.

Specifically, I enjoy showing filmmakers how to leverage the internet to source an audience – so that you can get movies seen and selling.

Inline with this passion, I was invited to participate on a crowdfunding and distribution panel with some folks.

John Rustin (BnY), Jerad Anderson (Watchbox Media, Inc.), Jason Brubaker (Filmmaking Stuff), Danae Ringelmann (IndieGoGo), Moderated by John Corser

This panel was interesting. I was impressed by Danae Ringelmann (of IndieGoGo) and some of the tips she shared on successful crowdfunding. Such as: Start early. Know why you want to make your movie. Have some idea of how to reach your target audience.

After that the conversation moved over to distribution and sourcing an audience… During this time, I shared a few of my usual tips on how to market and sell your movie. And this led us to the topic of streaming platforms. I was totally excited about Jerad Anderson of Watchbox and what he shared about his new streaming platform for filmmakers.

Later in the talk, Adam Chapnick from Distribber walked into the room. Distribber allows you to get your movie seen and selling on all the popular video on demand marketplaces without the creative accounting usually found in traditional distribution deals.

And finally… If you missed Sudance but you want to get the good stuff, check out


Sundance Film Festival

A decade ago, my goal was to make a movie and get it into the Sundance Film Festival. Back then, this was the only way you “made it.” Since that time, the entire world of indie filmmaking has turned upside-down.

Affordable camera technology coupled with Crowdfunding and Non-Discriminatory distribution has changed the ways in which movies are made, seen and sold.

Even with these changes, there is still a world full of people who enjoy watching indie movies. And one of the best places to get a finger on the pulse of technological trends is The Sundance Film Festival. But instead of looking for major deals, my focus will be finding out the latest news in Video On Demand distribution and crowdfunding…

And let’s not kid ourselves. There are other reasons to attend. The Sundance Film Festival is a great place to spend a weekend. That’s where I’ll be.

If you are headed to the Sundance Film Festival, look me up. I hope to participate in a few events, watch a few movies and hopefully meet up with you. (And yes. I will also participate in a panel discussion – more on this soon!)