Location Sound Crew

Last time I talked a little on how to get better sound for your indie film, and the reality of the situation is, either you learn to do it by yourself or hire a professional to capture the sound for you. It is always prudent that ‘when in doubt hire it out.’ Location Sound Crew It starts with pre-production planning. This planning stage sets the wheels in motion, it … [Read more...]

What Screenwriters Can Learn From The Inbetweeners

In Britain all the film talk is about a low-budget film that’s been breaking UK box-office records. I think it offers some lessons on how to make a successful indie film. It’s “The Inbetweeners,” featuring characters from the three-season TV show of the same name. That’s three of the UK version of seasons: a total of 18 episodes. The show was successful, but at the end of … [Read more...]

Keven Smith talks Movie Distribution

I love Kevin Smith's attitude towards modern movie distribution. If you're like most independent filmmakers, what Kevin was able to accomplish from his days of Clerks has been amazing. Back then, he not only dreamed the Sundance Dream, but he realized the dream. The Sundance dream is the idea that you will make your movie, get into Sundance, sell your movie and live happily … [Read more...]

Indie Film Website For Your Filmmaking


If you're like most filmmakers, you have a website for your movie. And odds are good you are trying to fit too much into it. So the first thing you need to do is remove all the distracting crap. Whenever I mention this at a talk, invariably someone asks me how to determine what's distracting? It depends on your website objective. When building a movie website, most … [Read more...]

The Secret Society Of Modern Indie Filmmakers

Earlier this week, Sheri Candler was spreading word of mouth about a test screening of Gary King's indie film musical:  How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song. So I did something I haven't done for awhile - I got out from behind my computer screen to meet and mingle with some new filmmakers face-to-face. As the lights dimmed and Gary's movie flickered across the screen, I … [Read more...]