How To STOP Filling Your Closet With Camera Gear

When I was starting out as a filmmaker, the only way to be taken seriously was to shoot on film.

I saved up all summer to purchase an Arri BL 16mm camera and a few rolls of film. The idea was to shoot a film, get it processed, transferred to video, edited and possibly garner a distribution deal.

This was an era where indie film budgeting involved trying to find deals on film stock and processing. “Can we shoot super 16mm and blow it up to 35mm?”

This was a time when filling your closet with every light, C-Stand and camera gear created almost as much satisfaction as actually making a movie. Because you knew that someday you’d have enough equipment to cut costs.

Camera Gear

Photo © Africa Studio

How To STOP Filling Your Closet With Camera Gear

Fast forward to today. For a few thousand dollars you can grab a camera at your local electronics store capable of producing cinematic results.

You don’t have to buy film stock. You don’t have to pay for processing. You don’t have to transfer to video. You don’t have have to use a traditional movie distributor. (If you have a finished movie, go here.)

If you fill your closet with gear and you fail to make a movie, you’re making excuses.

Today you can make your backyard indie for virtually no money. You don’t need to sit around and wait for Hollywood to give you permission. Now is the time to take action and make your movie.

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