Movie Sound Recording

As a filmmaker, audio is the most overlooked aspect of the filmmaking process, yet many filmmakers find out the hard way that (assuming you don’t have the budget for ADR), you really can’t  fix audio in post.

The other night, my friend showed me his ultra affordable and totally mobile shotgun boom pole, mic and recorder. Since all of the equipment is battery powered, our audio guy was not burdened by a bunch of crazy cables. 

We recorded a quick video to demonstrate – Check out the following video on movie sound recording.

This audio kit includes:

  1. Rode VideoMic ($149.00)
  2. Mono-pod ($12.99)
  3. Zoom H1 Handy recorder ($99.00).

Obviously this is a simple run-and-gun solution for indie movie sound recording.This type of setup can never replace a skilled sound guy with a full complement of recording and mixing gear, but if you are looking to gain experience or simply have some filmmaking fun, this audio recording kit gets you usable audio at a minimal cost.