Film Production: 3 Tips To Avoid Crying On Set

You need to Create a Plan B for your movie. You need to cover your butt!

Here is how it happens. . . 

You plan everything out for your movie months in advance.

jason-brubaker-digital-film-distributionYou get the locations, picture vehicles, actors, crew, stunt professionals — And then for some reason, two days before you begin production some crazy series of events take hold and everything falls apart.

Your picture vehicles disappear, actors quit the project, crew members take on another job that pays more and the stunt people. . . Wait, you hired stunt people? What kind of indie film are you making?

At this point in the whole mess, you probably start to cry. (I would.) Then your girlfriend stops talking to you. You take up smoking cigarettes and start drinking heavily, straight from the bottle.

You sit alone amongst the ruins of your production.

You could have been somebody. . . You could have been a contender. . . 

If only you would have created a plan B for your movie.

Planning For The Unexpected Saves Headaches

The thing is, if you can maintain a good attitude and roll with these kinds of setbacks, you’re gonna find out that each day on your movie set is just another day in paradise.

That being said, you can eliminate a lot of frustration if you prepare for these unexpected events in advance – just in case.

Film Production: 3 Tips To Avoid Crying On Set

Keep this in mind. Whatever could go wrong, will go wrong!

That’s just the nature of indie film. Heck, at times it’s the nature of the universe.

It’s your job to plan for this sort of stuff.

  1. How is your budget looking? Do you have enough money to pay for your movie and also account for the unexpected? If not, you’ll run out of money. I promise.
  2. Create backup locations… Seriously. You need to do this. Just in case.
  3. One more thing, talk with some insurance professionals about insurance for both your workers and equipment. While you’re at it, make sure you talk with a qualified attorney regarding legal protection.

You just never know!

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