Is Traditional Movie Distribution Dead?

If you are subscribed to the filmmaking stuff podcast, you probably already know my thoughts on movie distribution. In a few years VOD will be the primary method by which movies will be seen and sold.

With this belief, there will come a day when there is no delineation between your TV and the internet – which means you’ll be able to upload your feature into popular marketplaces with the ease of uploading a movie to YouTube.

With each passing day, your ability to tune into the iTunes, Amazon or Netflix on-demand channel on your TV is increasing in popularity. Science fiction has become science fact sooner than we ever thought possible.

These innovations, no matter how subtle, will put the last nail in the coffin for traditional distribution.

So we may as well get ready for the new world of distribution right now…

Is Traditional Movie Distribution Dead?

Even now, traditional DVD distribution is deteriorating. And with the rise of VOD marketplaces, old-timers are trying like crazy to make sure that traditional, global territories remain safeguarded by pre-existing, DVD territorial bounds.

The problem with trying to fit  VOD into the same “box” as DVD is simple. Video on demand marketplaces are bound by the internet, which doesn’t have boundaries.  This is potentially bad for traditional distribution. But it’s great for modern moviemakers. Why?

You no longer have to worry about preserving the old ways of doing things, including asking some 3rd party to give you permission to sell your movie.

With all these changes in distribution, as a filmmaker, getting you movie seen and selling is still one of the biggest challenges you face.

That’s why I created my latest product: How To Sell Your Movie. This step-by-step action guide shows you how to market and sell your movie in popular marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes. Additionally, I show you how I lost around $100,000 dollars with our first feature and how you can avoid my mistakes.

While creating community around your title, building buzz and increasing your fan base is both challenging and fun, a lot of filmmakers have no idea how to get started. In this regard, one of your first steps is to determine if your movie is ready for the marketplace.

Do you have all your paperwork and errors and omissions insurance? Are you ready to get your movie seen and potentially selling? If you have a movie collecting dust on some bookshelf, and the title is currently not selling, listen up:

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