Independent Movie Distribution Made Simple with Video On Demand

Independent Hollywood Producer Reveals Secrets On How To Sell Independent Movies For Maximum Profit – Without Middle-Man In New Book That Tells Movie Distribution Companies To Take A Hike!

(Press Release – Los Angeles, CA) Independent filmmaking has been considered one of the riskiest businesses in the world. This is because independent filmmakers traditionally relied on 3rd party movie distributors to acquire, market and reach the audience through tried and true sales channels. But thanks to modern Video On Demand distribution, independent movie makers can now reach their audiences through popular VOD marketplaces without the middle-man.

Video on demand distribution provides filmmakers with easy access to the major online marketplaces such as Amazon and iTunes. Once a title is submitted, filmmakers can then share virtual shelf space with mainstream Hollywood movies. While video on demand distribution represents a easy way for independent filmmakers to enter mainstream marketplaces, this change in distribution represents new challenges.

According to Los Angeles based independent filmmaker, Jason Brubaker, “Filmmakers now need to become comfortable with internet marketing, social media and audience list building… And for most modern moviemakers, this is a huge learning curve!”

Based on his own experience, Jason Brubaker has completed a new system for helping moviemakers get their movies seen and selling. Called The Independent Producer’s Guide To Digital Self-distribution, independent filmmakers can now utilize a step-by-step Action Guide to help sell movies in popular internet marketplaces as soon as possible.

“When our first feature failed to garner a traditional distribution deal, I had two choices. I could have given up and just let our movie collect dust, or I could try to sell the movie.” Luckily for Jason Brubaker, the experiment paid off. Five years later his first feature film is still selling and as a result, he is still cashing checks, prompting some traditional movie distribution companies to take notice.

“Yeah. They called me on the phone and finally offered a traditional deal. But since we were doing so well on our own, it was decided that the deals just weren’t worth the headache. So we told them we would have to pass at this time. Which is funny, because that’s what distribution companies usually tell filmmakers.”

The Independent Producer’s Guide To Digital Self-Distribution provides filmmakers with an easy to follow Action Guide as well as a a built in step-by-step workbook. Once filmmakers work through the action guide, marketing and selling independent movie via internet marketplaces becomes a very simple process.

“I wanted the Independent Producer’s Guide To Digital Self Distribution to be an easy to follow, valuable guide. Once you know this stuff, you’ll probably never consider a crappy distribution deal again.”

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