Filmmaking Tools

Professional filmmaking tools so you can make your movie.

I’m about to share my personal filmmaking tools with you. This is the stuff I’ve either created to help you achieve your goals. Or it’s filmmaking stuff that I’ve thoroughly reviewed and endorse.

In full disclosure, many of these resources pay me to promote. So make sure to conduct due-diligence prior to making purchases here and everywhere on earth.

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Pre-Production provides an online training course for filmmakers who want to breakdown and schedule their movies. is an online production management tool that allows you to schedule your movie and manage your production from anywhere.

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Film Finance is a site devoted to helping filmmakers learn tricks and strategies for contacting and building relationships with prospective investors. provides you with Tom Malloy’s blueprint for raising money. So far he has raised over 25 million for his own projects! This guide tells you how.

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Movie Promotion allows filmmakers to capture leads from their movie website, build a mailing list, set up email newsletters and a sequential email auto responder. provides tips on getting your finished feature seen and sold. This site contains resources on how to leverage digital distribution and internet marketing.

WebsiteHostingBluehost is my preferred website host. Buy your domain name and hosting for your movie webiste. This is the same company I utilize for this and most other websites. Check out how to build a filmmaker website here.

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Filmmaking Books

There is a saying that success leaves clues. This means that you can achieve success by modeling what other people have done to reach their goals. One of the best ways to crack the filmmaking success code is to read biographical accounts of people who have created successful careers.

How I Made A Hundred Movies In Hollywood and Never Lost A Dime [by Roger Corman] This was one of the best filmmaking books I ever read. This book details how Roger Corman was able to make one movie after another. Some aspects of his model are more relevant now than ever.

Rebel Without A Crew [by Robert Rodriguez] Famed director Robert Rodriguez discloses his original techniques used to make his debut film, El Mariachi. This historical account is essential for filmmakers. (If you think it’s hard to make a movie now, check out what Robert did back then!)

Filmmaking Stuff [By Jason Brubaker] I suppose a list of recommended filmmaking books would not be complete without adding my own. In this book, I explain my filmmaking model and share tips on how you can make and sell movies.

101 Short Film Ideas [By Jason Brubaker] In this robust action guide, you will be presented with 101 short film ideas to get you into the action. To get started, all you do is open the guide and pick an idea. You are also encouraged to combine ideas or subtract ideas or change the ideas…