Filmmaking Sound


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When I was starting out, one of my first jobs was working as a boom operator on corporate video productions and television commercials. If you’ve never boomed a project before, you learn a lot. I mean, you’re right there in the thick of things – you see the director, the DP and all the gaffers and grips. And it is your job to sneak the long boom pole within inches of an actor’s face, capture great audio and do all of this without making a shadow.

I had a good mentor who told me to take my job seriously. And I will never forget what he said. He said, “The eye forgives. The ear doesn’t.” For some reason most of us can tolerate some sub-par visuals. But when it comes time for audio, if something sounds off, you know it. And no, if you don’t have any more money in your budget – you can’t fix it in post…

As you work to put your projects together, please remember to get your audio right the first time.

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