Filmmaking Podcast: Make Your Movie

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Logo used by Apple to represent Podcasting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you want to make your movie, you might find this valuable. I just recorded a filmmaking podcast where I share 3 tips that are NOW essential for all successful independent filmmakers.

Listen (and download)


At the end of the recording, I talk about our new new Filmmaking Book, which is NOW available through Amazon as well as your Amazon Kindle.

You NOW have two options to choose from:

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Happy Filmmaking!

Comments are always welcome and make me feel less lonely as a filmmaker.



  1. Cantarafilms says

    Succinct plus your delivery is so much more polished these days. Thanks for letting me know about this new podcast, Jason! Keep us all updated with the information we need and you’ve got a booster in me for life. (PS–“Pre-foreign sales”??? You’ve got to be kidding. These guys sound like my ex-boyfriend.)

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