Filmmakers Alliance Recap

Earlier tonight I presented my “How To Sell Your Movie” talk to the awesome members of the Filmmaker’s Alliance here in Los Angeles.

If you have seen me speak, you probably noticed that I use a lot of self-deprecating humor in my talks. For example, I usually talk about how bad my acting is, or how bad my movies are.

To be clear, I do not share these things because I lack confidence. Quite the contrary – I share these things, because it’s truthful. Most of my movies DO leave a lot to be desired… (And if you don’t believe me, check out Special Dead)

But the biggest reason for this is based on my never ending drive to help other filmmakers make, market and sell their movies NOW, not later. I believe this is important because the world is full of would-be filmmakers with far more talent than me who will NEVER make their movie.

The irony is, if most would-be filmmakers just picked up a camera, they would create magic. But they wont. Why? Because many filmmakers feel they aren’t good enough. And therein lies the issue…

By going from university to film festival, to film workshop and continually sharing my lack of talent with the world, I hope inspire the next generation of genius filmmakers to take action, pointing at me , saying: “If that guy can make feature films, so can I!”

And in case you missed tonight’s performance of yours truly, for less than the price of a hot-dog, you can watch my “Sell Your Movie” talk below.