CreateSpace Phone Number

If you are looking for film distribution,  CreateSpace offers a great way to access the Amazon marketplace.

But if you have gone through the process, you probably also know that finding the CreateSpace Phone number and reaching someone in the customer service department can be frustrating…

Not anymore. CreateSpace has established a Member Support to help you with you film distribution needs. They offer phone and e-mail support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can call CreateSpace directly at (843) 760-8199. Keep in mind that charges may apply.

Additionally, if you are in the US or Canada – you can simply log into your member area and click “Contact Support.” From there, choose “Call Me!” to speak to a representative.

For those of you outside the US, you can send a Support Request with your international phone number. From there, CreateSpace will phone you.

Nice work CreateSpace! This was necessary and useful to the filmmaking community!


  1. Harry Bartley says

    I have a finished film script. Would like very much to have it read and
    and possibly find a market or producer interested in buying it. Does
    Create Space handle sript wrting?

  2. Helen Odenwald says

    I would love to honor Createspace in the future with high marketing of my book to Barnes and Noble Costco and to Hollywood to make a movie to honor the Celebration of Motherhood. My book, “IN YOU I SEE ME” is a story of honor among women/motherhood and the adoption world.

    It will make you laugh and Cry with Tears of JOY. I have not been in contact with you for quite some time… MY brain disease has kept me under the marketing avenue author house… Which they are gone big time. A big mistake. Suggestions?

    – Helen

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