Create a Movie Poster

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When I was a kid,  I had an early video game system called the Atari 2600.

The graphics were primitive and pixelated. But every time I went to the store to buy a new game, the technological shortcomings of the 2600 were soon forgotten.

This is because the fictional game reality depicted on the box cover made each game seem like the coolest thing ever.

But when I got home, I soon realized there was quite a gap between the  artwork and the actual video game. This my introduction to how artwork influences buying decisions.

When it comes to movie marketing, your poster must influence the buying decision of the potential audience member. Your poster should incorporate your logo and colors, while at the same time, specifically target your intended audience. Since you will probably use these elements in other areas of your marketing, including DVD cover, website design and your film festival postcards, don’t get skimpy.

As a first time feature filmmaker, you may want to research successful movies in the same genre. Figure out what you like about the poster and artwork. Then hire your best artist friend to create something that works!