Why Amazon Film Distribution Is Awesome!

Amazon film distribution offers a great opportunity for filmmakers who want to reach an audience of rabid shoppers. As a transactional video on demand (TVOD) platform, you simply set your price and Amazon pays you 50% of the sale.

In a typical release scenario, you would would maximize your transactional opportunity on Amazon before you move on to ad supported platforms (AVOD) like Hulu, or subscription supported (SVOD) platforms like Netflix. This sort of windowing helps prevent cannibalization.

Amazon Film Distribution

Amazon film distribution has expanded. In addition to being an awesome transactional platform, filmmakers wishing to exploit an (SVOD) window can now stay with Amazon. Through Amazon Prime, filmmakers can easily get their movies into a bonafide (SVOD) service with millions of subscribers!

Similar to Netflix, Amazon Prime allows you to reach people looking to discover new movies. But unlike Netflix, Amazon Prime actually pays you every time your movie is streamed. While this is equal to pennies on the dollar (you net roughly 5 cents per stream), having your movie available to millions of subscribers could add up.

How To Access Amazon Film Distribution

In the old days, a service offered by Amazon owned CreateSpace was all you needed to get your movie into Amazon. But for whatever reason, CreateSpace only provides a standard definition upload and DVD creation. Additionally CreateSpace WILL NOT get your movie into Amazon Prime.

This means you will have to work with an Amazon approved aggregator. One such aggregator is my consulting client, Distribber. Now for the sake of full disclosure, I love Distribber. And because I’m currently the director of business development there, I’m totally biased!

So know this. There are other aggregators out there. But most will try to take some sort of ownership of your movie. Distribber does not. (Please read the FAQs so you can become familiar with the service.)

With that said, regardless of which aggregator you utilize, you will still need your HD source file (usually a ProRes 422HQ) the appropriate artwork and closed captions. And finally, no movie marketplace is perfect.  And Amazon film distribution is no different.

In order to rise above the noise and get your movie noticed, you will need to have a movie promotion plan. This means, during the first two days of your launch, you will want to make as many sales and get as many comments as possible. The good news is, Amazon shoppers are there to shop!


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    Hi Jason,
    Great article! A friend and I have spent that last two and a half years making a movie on weekends. It is a “no budget” movie and was made because we love film and telling stories. It was shot in SD and cropped to 1.85:1. I can upscale it to HD with Red Giant’s Instant HD if that is recommended. Basically, we just want our movie to be seen. I have a few questions:

    1. We edit on Windows (Adobe Premiere CS6), so ProRes 422HQ is not an option. What Windows based container/codec would best suit Amazon (or any other VOD upload)?
    2. I am familiar with Distribber and have heard great things about them. What do I need to get all my duck in a row before contacting them?

    Thank you for your time and consideration,
    Jeff Leonhardt – Infinity Productions

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