Modern Moviemaking FAQs

Modern Moviemaking: Frequently Asked Questions

If you are wondering about the future of filmmaking, I can tell you it is not Hollywood. It will be the gazillion filmmakers all over the world who take action, pick up a camera and make the movie they can make with the resources they have.

There are a lot of people fearful of this shift. And this is understandable. I am not one of them. Efficiency, lower production costs and advances in distribution may be new to Hollywood – But just about every other industry in the world has undergone these same paradigm shifts. Smart filmmakers find value in this change.

Here is why I love Modern Moviemaking!

1. Lets say I’m an aspiring filmmaker, living in a small town. Do I still need to move to Hollywood?

– No. In the past, production technology was cost prohibitive and getting distribution for your movie was nearly impossible without Hollywood connections. But these days the only thing an aspiring filmmaker needs is a good camera from the local electronics store and access to the Internet.

2. Describe the traditional middleman in independent filmmaking? Why don’t you need him anymore?

– In the old days as an indie filmmaker, even if you were lucky enough to make your movie, you still had to find a movie distributor so you could access the marketplace. But these days, thanks to Internet based platforms like Hulu, iTunes and Amazon – filmmakers no longer need a middleman to get their movies seen and selling.

3. What the heck is crowdfunding? And why do you suggest all filmmakers set up a crowdfunding campaign?

–  Crowdfunding allows you to reach out to your friends, family and social networks to spread awareness and raise money for your creative project. So let’s say you have an idea for a movie. You can now utilize one of the popular crowdfunding platforms like indiegogo or kickstarter and create crowdfunding campaign. And in exchange for money, you would offer your supporters with perks. A one-dollar donation might get a thank you note. A $500 dollar donation might allow you to play an extra in the movie.

4. What does it mean that film distribution is moving from a physical shelf to a virtual shelf?

– There are kids out there who have never stepped into a music store. And with the demise of big box video rental stores, we are entering into a new era where movies are only one download away. What we are experiencing in the movie world is very similar to what the music industry went through a few years back. It is probably scary for the big studios, but for the independents – this offers an amazing opportunity to make, market and sell movies.

5. What three things can aspiring filmmakers do today to get closer to making, marketing and selling a movie?

– All filmmakers should know their target audience, they should become very social media savvy and they should have access to their own audience list – because without an audience, filmmakers have no business. 

Happy Filmmaking!


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