If you’re seeking advice on how to fund, produce and sell your movie, these filmmaking articles will help you. You’ll find that each article provides creative ideas and tips, with links to further information about filmmaking.

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network in hollywood

How To Network In Hollywood (Or anywhere, really)

In this filmmaking article, we provide tips on how to network and importantly, how to network in Hollywood. Read this article if you want some awesome tips.

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people at movie theater, producing movies that sell

Producing Films That Sell: A Genre Guide for Filmmakers

When producing a feature film, we all want to ensure our investments are secure and our efforts are rewarded. And one …

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produce tv series

How To Produce a TV Series That People Actually Watch

If you want to produce a TV series, there has never been a more exciting time for content creators. Nowadays, there …

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film festival directory

Film Festival Directory

Film festivals offer a great way to show your movie on the big screen to a live audience. For most filmmakers, …

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movie niche audience at a theater

How To Find A Niche Audience For Your Film

If asked who your target audience is, you may be tempted to say, “My movie is appealing to everybody.” And I’ll say – Everybody is nobody…

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navigate the european film market

How To Navigate The European Film Market

The European Film Market (EFM) is a key event during the Berlin International Film Festival. The EFM is one of the …

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get funding for a movie

How To Get Funding For Your Movie This Year

You’re not alone if you want to get funding for your movie. I have raised over 25 Million dollars to produce …

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crowdfunding films guide

Crowdfunding Films – The Ultimate Guide For Indie Producers

Planning a film crowdfunding campaign starts with a compelling idea for your story. For many film producers, our hometowns and their …

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