If you’re seeking advice on how to fund, produce and sell your movie, these filmmaking articles will help you. You’ll find that each article provides creative ideas and tips, with links to further information about filmmaking.

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How to Break Into The Film Industry

How to Break Into The Movie Industry

If you’re wondering how to break into the film industry, you’re not alone. Nearly every successful filmmaker has started from nowhere. The problem is, there is a big catch 22 in the industry…

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seven levels of movie producing

Uncover the 7 Levels of Movie Producing for Ultimate Success

Do you ever feel stuck with your filmmaking? You’ve got dozens of movie ideas. You take the courses. You attend the …

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final draft smart type screenwriter tip

Final Draft Smart Type: A Secret Tip for Screenwriters

Final Draft is the go-to software for many screenwriting professionals. It’s packed with powerful features and tools that streamline the writing …

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write screenplay logline

How To Write A Logline For A Screenplay

If you wrote a complicated, character driven script and you’re trying to figure out how to condense it into one log line, have a trusted friend read your script and then ask him or her tell you what it’s about.

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ai filmmaking future

AI In Filmmaking: Will A Robot Take My Job?

If you’ve been thinking about artificial intelligence (AI) in filmmaking, you might wonder if a robot will take your filmmaking job… …

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filmmaking rejection

How To Deal With Filmmaking Rejection (Like A Pro)

In our filmmaker mastermind, we talk a lot about how to overcome filmmaking rejection. It’s easy at times to feel like …

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Hire A Casting Director

Hire A Casting Director For Your Next Feature Film

Many filmmakers take the DIY approach to cast a film because the prospect of hiring casting directors is intimidating. Many indie …

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movie deals

Warning: YES, plus TIME equals NO With Movie Deals

As a filmmaker, you know that closing movie deals is essential for success in the industry. However, there’s a formula that …

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