If you’re seeking advice on how to fund, produce and sell your movie, these filmmaking articles will help you. You’ll find that each article provides creative ideas and tips, with links to further information about filmmaking.

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minimum guarantee distribution deal

The TRUTH About Minimum Guarantees Every Filmmaker Needs to Know

So you’ve just completed your film and want to sell it. Let’s say it is a horror film, and you’re super …

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become film producer

Three Proven Ways to Become a Film Producer​

If you are wondering how to become a film producer, you’re not alone. The complexities of producing a film are not …

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pitching film projects

The Top 3 Mistakes Filmmakers Make When Pitching Film Projects

Pitching film projects is an art form. I have taught entire seminars on pitching, and there is always room for improvement. …

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filmmaking success mindset

Filmmaking Success Mindset

Getting your filmmaking work noticed requires persistence, tenacity, and an unyielding ability to overcome obstacles and keep going, even when doing …

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descript video editing software

Descript: The Game-Changing Video Editing Software

As a filmmaker, you know how much time and effort goes into editing video content. That’s why I was thrilled to …

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how to find movie investors

How To Find Movie Investors (Even If You Don’t Live In LA)

Every business has a sales cycle. This is no different for the independent filmmaking business. Having a long term perspective and patience is essential. The trouble is, as an ambitious filmmaker…

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hire independent contractor filmmaking

Do You Hire An Independent Contractor Or Employee (For Your Film)

My name is Gordon Firemark. I’m an entertainment attorney based in Los Angeles. Over the past few months, I have had …

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hollywood phony woman with long nose

5 Tips On How To Spot Hollywood Phonies

One of the big secrets of film finance is finding out how to smell BS. Here are 5 Tips to find out if your “Rich Guy” is real.

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