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If you are a filmmaker (or an industry professional) on the cutting edge of your profession with ideas that would benefit the filmmaking community, you are welcome to submit an article to Filmmaking Stuff.

What We Seek

Your article should contain at least three useful tips that filmmakers can put to use in their next projects. And aside from being useful, your article should contain the following:

1. Original content – Google hates rehashed articles and so do we. Make sure whatever you submit is at least 80% different than anything you submitted elsewhere.

2. Make it simple – If you’re explaining technical stuff, make sure you don’t get too nerdy. Or if you do get nerdy, make sure you include some pictures or graphs to explain what you mean.

3. Own the copyright – One time someone actually stole our writing and republished it. If we suspect your article was stolen from somewhere else, we will investigate.

4. Avoid blatant sales pitches. Your article should be 95% informative. However, at the end of your article, you are welcome to have a bio and one call-to-action.

5. Know what you are talking about. For example, if you are a boom operator, please DO NOT submit an article on directing. It won’t be taken seriously.

What’s In It For You:

Writing a guest post will provide you with recognition and industry exposure. In addition to the site traffic, Filmmaking Stuff articles are shared frequently through social media… And the articles are often included in weekly or monthly digests that get emailed to over 20,000 subscribers.

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