If you’re seeking advice on how to fund, produce and sell your movie, these filmmaking articles will help you. You’ll find that each article provides creative ideas and tips, with links to further information about filmmaking.

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Interview with Peter D. Marshall

Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff caught up with Peter D. Marshall for a few minutes earlier this week to ask him about his new online filmmaking course.

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Prepping Your Film For Distribution

Picture this! By some miracle to end all miracles, born of equal parts luck and blind determination, you’ve managed to rise above the never-ending barrage of questions from “concerned” friends and family who’ve always thought your talk about making movies was reckless. You’ve put together a cast and crew, refined your script, found some financing and in the process, you’ve even figured out how to ignore all your significant other’s not-so-subtle hints that a career selling life insurance really wouldn’t be that bad. To be honest, looking back, even you aren’t really sure how you pulled it off. Yet, despite all of the concerns and self doubt, you’ve somehow managed to make the impossible possible. You’ve made your first feature film! And, by definition, you’re finally a real filmmaker.

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Interview with Chris Ward

Chris Ward is an independent filmmaker currently residing in Stamford, Connecticut, which is about 35 miles outside New York City. Chris spent many years producing documentaries for Network television. He also teaches filmmaking at Quinnipiac University and the Maine Media Workshops. Fog Warning, his second feature, was just picked up by Wonderphil Productions and he has agreed to share his experience with Jason Brubaker of Filmmaking Stuff…

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Filmmaking Update

I just wanted to let you know I’m in development on a new project. As such, check the Twitter updates (found …

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Make your Feature HD not Film

Shoot your first feature in high definition, not DV and not Film. Why? DV looks like crap and film is way too expensive and in my opinion, too risky for a first feature with a limited budget.

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Prepping your movie for distribution.

I wrote an article on prepping your movie for distribution. It’s been published at The Independent.

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1 Week Movie

If you’re not a huge film production company with a big budget, then getting your movie in the can sooner, rather than later, could mean the difference between success and failure.

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Interview with filmmaker Casey Walker

Every wonder how to raise money for movies, but had trouble finding people willing to participate? For feature filmmaker Casey Walker, solving this problem only took a little creativity.

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